Siv's grandparents from both her mother's and father's sides settled down in the area already in the beginning of the 1900s. Since the early days the area has been full of life and the site has undergone great changes during the past century.

Varvet 1955


In the same area as Strandbergs' Cottages lies also the famous Zetterström's boat yard that was founded in the beginning of the 20th century by Siv's grandfather. The boat yard used to make reparations for the Ålandic sailing ships that dominated the grain trade routes from Åland all the way down to Australia. Unfortunately, this maritime epoch started to come to its end already in the late 1930s. Today the boat yard provides service and winter shed for more than 120 pleasure boats.


"Many English, German and Swedish sailors            take up their boats for the winter here at our boat             yard. They rent a cottage in the spring when they            start preparing their boats for the summer            season. They appreciate the social atmosphere               here and many stories are told among the                    sailors when they get together in the                              afternoons for a chat."

In the 1930s the first tourism business on the farm yard was started by Siv's mother who rented rooms with full-board to summer guests. The business started in a small scale with summer guests, but the lush area by the seashore has continued to grow steadily and has been developed throughout the years. Passenger ferry lines started operating after the WWII and after that there was an upswing in tourism. This was also the period when Siv's husband Tor started building more cottages in the area.





Today there are 70 beds in altogether 15 cottages and 3 apartments. Each cottage has its individual design and furnishing that refers to different time periods from the past (read: Accommodation).